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Research is the foundation for each of our media actions, whether it is defining a customer profile, planning, buying, or completing a strategic point of view summary. We see the value every day in investing in the top media research available, while firmly understanding that any volume of data is meaningless if you don’t have the right team in place to interpret it. Our media team members are well trained across a variety of platforms that allow them to define a target audience, understand consumer behavior, gain insights in media consumption, analyze competitive spending data and trends, and use this knowledge to develop strategic media plans. With access to syndicated research tools, we can not only generate the necessary reports, but pull them again and again, in different ways. This allows us to look at things from various angles and ensures that our team has explored all aspects of consumer behavior before making important investment decisions. We encourage all clients to provide lead and sales data so we can blend this information with our syndicated sources for even deeper insights. For us, research doesn’t end with the media plan. It is heavily incorporated into our buying process as well. Our buyers are armed with all the information they need to ensure the most efficient and effective media placements. The bottom line is that we are able to provide our clients with unbiased research and strategic media resulting in the highest return on their important investments.

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