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Media Planning

Over the years, we have developed a proven media planning process that will bring you consistent, measurable results. It’s one that continues to produce positive feedback from our clients since we started in 2009.

It starts with a customized planning timeline for each of your campaigns. This ensures that our team has the right amount of time to dedicate to each phase of the plan. It also builds in ample time for you to review it and is completed with enough time left for strategic media buy negotiation and placements.

The planning process includes the confirmation of media planning parameters, definition of media objectives and strategies, media mix research and selection, detailed media tactics and the provision of a media flowchart, which is a visual representation of the plan.

CMD views each client as unique and understands that their media strategy should be custom designed to meet and exceed their unique goals and combat their unique challenges. CMD creatively collaborates with our long-standing media partners to design out-of-the-box media packages that continue to push the needle.

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