Resources for the “New Normal”

Resources for the “New Normal”

As we continue to process the past year that has included so much change and deep loss for so many, we are encouraged to see more signs of recovery, both in spirit and in business. To that end, we thought we’d share some of the data and resources our team has found helpful in recent months, including everything from changing media habits and brand behavior, to the more practical questions like, “when will I wear real pants again?” We hope there is something you find useful, or at least a bit of humor in.

Re-Opening & Restriction Status by State:

These handy maps from NYT are constantly updated with the current re-opening status and restrictions by state. This information can be used to direct tone in messaging and imagery across different states.

This Nielsen Annual Marketing Report:

Curious how brands of different sizes and industries are prioritizing things like marketing objectives, attribution, and the importance of data types as we move toward a post-pandemic marketplace? Look no further than this report.

This Insight From Kantar:

For the seventh straight week, total spend among the top U.S. advertisers was above last year’s reported levels reflecting a continuous growth in confidence in the marketplace. Ad spend across the top 50 U.S. advertisers was up 72% YOY. Top categories were Media & Advertising, Retail, and Information Technology (bonus info: Amazon is the top spender in each category).

This Map, Which Shows the Pace of Economic Recovery in Each Market in the United States:

The map can be narrowed down by different industries, and gives insight into restrictions in each state. You can drill down by date as well, with data available as far back as January 28, 2020.  

Local to Arizona:

This site provides economic impact data, including travel and tourism for the state. There are dozens of drilldowns available, including housing/real estate, inflation & prices, annual household income levels, and more.

This Report on International Media Consumption:

This white paper asks the question, “Is there a new normal?”, and includes YOY media usage comparisons of 2019 & 2020 on a global level. Sneak peek (U.S.): Live TV viewership is static, we’ve seen a marked increase in Streaming Video, Podcasts may finally be coming into their own, and TikTok usage continues to grow at an accelerated rate.

Is It Finally Time To Ditch the Sweatpants?:

This article by WaPo discusses the recent shopping boom as people start to re-enter the onsite workplace and need to dress accordingly.

For Insights Into Consumer Opinion on “The New Normal”:

This article includes consumer views on continued social distancing, returning to “normal” routines, perceptions on how the pandemic is being handled in 2021, and more. Pro Tip: Scroll all the way to the bottom for additional drill-downs on work, dining, sports, socializing, entertainment, and shopping.

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