Our commitment to research, ongoing data analysis, and the integration of on-and offline
media for our clients has led to some pretty amazing results over the years. Some of our clients
consider us rockstars. Here’s a little taste of what a catalyst of connectivity looks like.


Objective +2% Same Store Sales

  • Agency was given an objective to increase same store sales 2%
  • Budget was flat, and spend among the competitive set had increased YTD
  • Agency recommended a shift in target audience toward young males after research revealed the product had a higher appeal among this audience


  • Incorporation of “Q-ratings” were also instituted to further narrow the target to people who have eaten at Jack in the Box in the past 30 days
  • Media buy included a mix of Radio, Out of Home, and Digital media

Results +5%

Sales and traffic counts saw an immediate lift at
the onset of the campaign and grew each week,
resulting in a 5% increase YOY for the period

  • Agency took over in year two of a 5-year signed contract with the Arizona Diamondbacks
  • Sponsorship was not effective in driving store traffic/sales in the first year
  • Agency successfully re-negotiated the existing contract to include a new trigger promotion, increased signage, cross-platform added value, as well as maintenance of all other contract components

Awarded awardedMost Valuable Promo

  • The “D-backs Jack Home Run” promotion exceeded expectations in driving restaurant sales and was awarded the MVP (Most Valuable Promotion) award from the D-backs team

Objective awardedReach Local Teens

  • Request to reach local teens and “showcase the ASU brand”
  • Agency selected shopping centers and developed a concept to engage the target and drive leads
  • Concept was adjusted to capitalize on the inherent qualities of each location


Results 9.4 MM

9.4MM in traffic over the 3-month campaign 34k photo sessions; 13k unique emails captured Social sharing across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Email


Objective awardedReallocate Funds

  • Shea Homes Active Lifestyle Communities; multiple locations across the U.S.
  • Directive from the client that Digital tactics were out-performing offline media; request to reallocate funds
  • Catalyst reviewed Web data; showed significantly increased Organic Search/Direct traffic as well as improved efficiency on Paid Search during this time period
  • Offline media contributions were noted and have maintained on the plans since
New Traffic
  • This Chicago based business manages 150+ senior living communities across the U.S. including Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care
  • Our partnership began in Q4 2014 when we were given the Chicago market as a pilot program; within the month we were awarded the National assignment and worked eagerly to bring all 150 communities to market in January, 2015

Key accomplishments to date:

Achievement of the highest Web traffic in the company’s 30-year history

Positive occupancy growth each quarter

Continued decrease in cost per leads across all communities, which has led to a lessened dependence on outside lead sources such as A Place for Mom

Conversion of call tracking numbers from toll free to local (area code and prefix) at our urging; this change has led to increased call volume and community satisfaction

Addition of Direct Mail (2016) and Paid Search services (2017)