Agency Partnership

Need the specialized services of a media planning and buying agency to complement your service offering? Media is our sole focus and the one thing we are most passionate about—add that to your specialized competencies and the result will be greater value to your clients. We have multiple active agency partnerships in place across the U.S., including firms that specialize in branding, creative, production, public relations, web development, direct marketing, and more. Reach out to us today to start a conversation about how we can strategically partner.

Broader skillset Many agencies simply don’t have the resources to bring on full-time media team members. Through partnership with CMD, you get an entire team of highly-specialized, experienced media professionals working on your client’s business.

Broader Skillset

ExpertiseOur team has the depth and breadth of experience as well as resources to hit the ground running on any media assignment. Our diverse client roster and experience means that our team can get up to speed and in market quickly regardless of the category or target.


ValuePerhaps the number one reason agencies seek a partnership with CMD is value. Not only are we extremely competitive when it comes to our fees, but partnering with a full-service media planning and buying agency is significantly less expensive than establishing a team in-house.


Why Partner with Catalyst?

We have a strong history of success serving as a strategic partner for agencies over the years. There are many reasons why they come to us, and stay with us, either for single assignments or on longer-term partnerships. Here are the three reasons that usually top the list: we provide a broader skillset, greater expertise, and value.

Partnership Opportunities

  • Full-service media AOR assignment
  • Partial-assignment: By project or by medium
  • Marketing/media consulting: Category trends, SWOT analysis, consumer insights
  • Media research: Audience, competitive, market, situation analysis
  • In-house marketing staff training
  • Evaluation of past or current media efforts
  • Promotion creation/implementation
  • Trade negotiation

Let's Talk

Ready to talk about how partnering with CMD can bring more value to your clients? Then give us a shout or drop us a line. We’d love to connect!