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We’ve got a unique approach to buying media. Anyone can tell you that they can secure the lowest rates, but what we strive for is the best solution—media placements that really resonate with the target consumer. Efficiencies are critically important in providing value to our clients, and we strive to deliver the lowest available rates while ensuring that all media decisions are made with the support of sound research and data. We negotiate on rates as well as ratings, and incorporate “Q‐Ratings,” the qualitative index to the actual demographic/qualitative profile. This allows us deeper insights than a straight demographic buy. For example, when targeting Women 25-44 with Television advertising, we can add in the qualifiers “work full-time” and “children 6-17 in the home” and select stations, dayparts, and programs to better reach this very busy target audience with added efficiency. We handle all buying in-house including Television, Radio, Out of Home, Print, Digital, Direct Response, Multi-cultural, Non-traditional, and Promotions. Our full-service media offering brings significant benefits to our clients in terms of complete media integration, as well as the ability to move dollars seamlessly to the best performing placements within flight creating even greater efficiencies. Added value is a requirement on all media buys and can take the form of rate discounts, no charge spots, premium positioning, custom promotions, and more. Every plan is custom built with the specific client and campaign in mind, all designed to map back to the overall objectives of the plan.

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